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Hello Love!

The Veil of Forgetfulness is lifting. During this time of
Great Awakening, it is time for you to remember who you are.
It's time to re-claim your sovereignty.

Embody Your Soul, Awaken Your Spirit & Unlock
Your Highest Potential

Healers, Light Workers, Star Seeds, Divinely Gifted...

Discover Your Truth

You were born sovereign, wise, and


And, NOTHING has changed.

My heart's desire is to help You Remember!

Awaken You to

Your I am Presence.

Re-ignitng Your Sacred Heart Flame.

For those courageous enough to


to the unknown, the reward

is beyond


Take my hand!

Everything You Desire, and


You haven't thought to

desire yet,

are on the other side of

this work.

Empower Yourself Now

Empower Your Magic

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Journey to Become ONE with the Universe. Returning to the Source of it all. On this electric masterful journey into Divinity you won't just navigate the void. You'll MASTER it. And, you won't just tap into the Quantum Field...You're going to Become it!!

1:1 Container for Healers, Mystics, Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives, ect - where together we Ignite Your Unique Path, Unlock & Amplify Your Divine Gifts, and Turn Your Power ALL THE WAY UP. Expect MASSIVE Expansion at Hyper Speed. So you can be a confident, fully booked out, irresistibly Magnetic Light Leader.

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Get Connected and Aligned With Your Body

Join me on the Soul Simple Podcast every week to learn more about embodiment and how you too can get the most out of your body. We will discuss how your body can teach you and improve your quality of life through connection and alignment. If you are struggling to listen to your own voice and intuition, or if you are feeling disconnected from the world, it's time to plug in and have your own soul simple breakthrough.

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Client Testimonial

I've been looking for a deep connection to myself, to my soul, for a while. I truly did not know how to move from my mind to my soul and make decisions from that place. Wendy was so inspiring, so deep, and so easy to connect with. She held me in a space of adventure and openness. I connected. I found my way inside. I got to talk to my highest self...and it feels like fresh air. Wendy, I cannot be more grateful for showing me how to listen...really listen. This is the highest power anyone could own.

Carina Bunganem

Client Testimonial

You Just know when someone is gifted. When they have a heart of gold and can see the truth of it all. This girl can see and feel energy in the most magical way. Her coaching strategy is so powerful and she helps me hold accountability for myself while guiding me throughout. I effing loving her and she works magic!!

Vanessa K.

Client Testimonial

The first time you did work on me-I've never seen the way I saw!! Everything has been so peaceful and I can actually hear and see so much. It's wild! Whatever you do, and the way you do it-for me-personally activates my gifts and totally clears my space. Thank You! Thank You!!

Louise Torres

Client Testimonial

Wendy Connected to my Higher Self and What she saw and transmitted felt like she knew me even though we didn't know each other at all. It felt like coming home, and giving insight and perspective as well. Empowering me, and allowing me to reconnect to my purpose. It also made me realize the self boundaries that I had been building. Reclaiminng my personal power while having complete faith into what's ahead of me. Thank you so much!

Christine Dejarnac

Client Testimonial

Just watched recording. You are incredible. So many things that you said which are only just sinking in. Thank you again.

Libby Kemkaran-Thompson

Client Testimonial

I spent my entire time with Wendy in the space of ‘ah-ha’. She is exceptionally clear in her communication style, generosity of insight. Helping me let go of so many ideas of how I ‘should’ be operating in the world. I highly recommend anyone interested in human design to start their journey with Wendy.

Client Testimonial

Wendy Louise... you blew me away! I was able to recognize my patterns (both blocks and strengths) and am always doing the work to deepen my understanding of them.

Venus Rose

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