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Hello Love!

Welcome to La Femme Magique

She Who Empowers Her Magic

She Who Empowers Her Magic

Your Purpose in life in not to answer the question, "Who am I?" But to fulfill the Destiny of, "Who Can I Become?"

Transform Limiting Beliefs

You were born worthy and powerful...

And, NOTHING has changed.

It's time to awaken the Dormant Codes within your DNA, and unlock a magic more powerful than you could ever imagine.

For too long Masculine Energy has been King.
But times are-a-changing.
We're ushering in a New Era where you get to...

Embody Your Truth in all Your Feminine Glory.  

Let's unleash your divine ability to become the Master Creator of Your Destiny.

Empower Yourself Now

Empower Your Magic

Power is a Divine Right
We are born with the...
Power to Choose
Power to Create
Power to BECOME
To Embody Your Power is to Live in the Highest Frequency of Your Existence.

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Strengthen your Money Mindset and Awaken the dormant wealth codes programed within your DNA, so you can Unlock Financial Freedom for Good!

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One-on-One Coaching where Human Design and Energetics Collide. Never before has such a unique, individualized approach to guidance for life, manifestations, and business existed. You are your Greatest Investment Today, Tomorrow, Always.

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La Femme Magique

La Femme Magique Podcast

Get Connected and Aligned With Your Body

Join me on the Soul Simple Podcast every week to learn more about embodiment and how you too can get the most out of your body. We will discuss how your body can teach you and improve your quality of life through connection and alignment. If you are struggling to listen to your own voice and intuition, or if you are feeling disconnected from the world, it's time to plug in and have your own soul simple breakthrough.

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Client Testimonial

I can’t recommend Wendy enough if you are an entrepreneur/small business owner struggling with your business! She will be your biggest support system and will guide you with science AND spirituality.  She provides you with the energy healing and cleansing that you need to enhance and manifest your goals.

Vicki Sowa-

Client Testimonial

I went from making zero sales to closing 2-3 deals per week and absolutely crushing my 90- day goal! I cannot recommend Wendy enough.

Samantha Cooney

Client Testimonial

Wendy is someone I wish I would have met earlier in my entrepreneurial journey. She pointed me in the right direction in optimizing not just my business, but more importantly, my life! 3 weeks into the program, I’ve landed my dream job. EVERYTHING just feels like it’s coming together for me.

Luis Torres

Client Testimonial

I was going through a lot when I joined the program, and it showed up in my life at the right time. It gave me the tools I need to transform my life. I absolutely recommend Soul Simple Breakthrough!

Client Testimonial

Wendy’s program showed up in my life at just the right time when I was struggling to get results in my business. Even though I am new to spirituality, she has a vibe that I could really resonate with. So glad I jumped in--the masterclasses were phenomenal!

Susan Cagle

Client Testimonial

I spent my entire time with Wendy in the space of ‘ah-ha’. She is exceptionally clear in her communication style, generosity of insight. Helping me let go of so many ideas of how I ‘should’ be operating in the world. I highly recommend anyone interested in human design to start their journey with Wendy.

Susan Cagle

Client Testimonial

After being on the fence about getting a Human Design Reading, I’m so glad I did! Thank you so much Wendy Louise... you blew me away! I was able to recognize my patterns (both blocks and strengths) and am always doing the work to deepen my understanding of them. I feel like Human Design really allows us to understand how we operate and work...and how to break the shadow cycles we can sometimes fall into.

Venus Rose

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