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Activate Your Human Design Super Sense | Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Human Design Cognition-Perhaps you feel tingles when you enter a room that has funky energy, or maybe you smell when something is off…or taste a hit…you have a super sense that is really you’re super power and it is your key to unlocking one of your highest potentials. 

Did you know that you have a personal Super Power?

Perhaps you feel tingles when you enter a room that has funky energy, or maybe you smell when something is off…or taste a hit…you have a super sense that is really you’re super power and it is your key to unlocking one of your highest potentials. 

In Human Design we refer to these super senses as cognition and it describes a specific sense that is heightened for you aka your super power. There are 6 cognition types: Smell, Taste, Inner Vision, Outer Vision, Feeling, and Touch.

This sense is about more than you’re learning style. It is the sense through which you’ll discover your highest potential.

In truth, we’re always receiving messages from the world around us that carries information that is beneficial in understanding what is beneficial for us, and what is not. All we have to do is learn how to consciously dial in and up this sense to create massive potential inner lives. 

Cognitive Senses:

My Personal favorite (because it is my cognition) is Touch. This super sense’s highest potential is to move energy. You have the ability to heal with your hands. While you love to physically touch things and interpret how different materials or sensations pique your interest, touch doesn’t have to be physical touch. It can an energetic touch as well. You can literally move and/or transfer energy through an intention. Your body holds the codes to new energetic information. Keep in mind that minimalist environments may make you uncomfortable and give yourself permission to surround yourself with things that you love.

Smell has the potential to pick up on the “scent” of frequencies around them like a private detective looking for a missing person. Like a P.I., you have a unique ability to follow the clues of energy and uncover hidden information. Decode this information and use to help you make reliable decisions on your next step. You pick up on energetic clues that others might miss. Tuning into how something smells to you – good, bad, interesting – helps your body calibrate itself to determine if that thing (or person) is beneficial to you in the moment. You may be more sensitive to certain smells than others and it can be helpful to only take in one smell at a time. Common phrases you might find yourself using are: “something smell off” or “I smell a winner”…or any “smell” based phrases.

Do you get premonitions? Your cognition is probably Inner Vision, and your highest potential is that of sight and/or visions. These visions provide you with energetic information about events that might occur. Let me reiterate the MIGHT part of that statement. I truly believe that each vision is meant to show you something though. Visualizing your future, your dreams, are some of your favorite manifestation activities to partake in. Play around with creating a sacred space for yourself that has low lighting, minimal sounds, is cozy and warm. Outer distractions can pull you away from your inner process. Having this sense really invites you to explore the deeper layers of your psyche. Learning to trust your inner environment (over everything external to you) is what will allow you to truly connect with what feels right for you. 

Can you walk into a room just feel if it is off or not? If you have Feeling cognition then your highest potential is the ability to feel the subtle energy that people and the environment give off physically within your body and interpret it. You don’t necessarily transfer energy, but you have the power to deeply understand what others are experiencing and share that with them. You pick up on energies that others aren’t as sensitive to. This heightened awareness provides a deeply empathic and compassionate understanding of others. Learn to trust what you feel, and follow your intuition. Invite yourself to honor your feelings around the energy you feel. If a space of certain company feels unaligned for you, feel free to remove yourself. Only hold space for that which feels good to you. With this cognition you may also be sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies so try turning off your devices at night or when you need an energetic break of sorts. Spending time in nature and away from the “noise” can be supportive as you try to discern your next step or how you truly feel about something.

Outer Vision has the highest potential to “see” how the pieces of the energetic puzzle can come together to create an absolute masterpiece. You are a visionary, and you LOVE visual stimulation. You see the potential beyond what others see (especially aesthetically). You innately know what are the next steps, where the pieces go, and when to bring them together. Allow yourself to be drawn to beautiful places and spaces and notice how visual clues guide your path. Physical beauty, design, fashion, art, even culinary masterpieces…are all important to your world and allows your body to relax and your mind to be fully open. Essentially, by working with what looks appealing to you, you’re curating the frequency of your world.

Taste has the highest potential to create a refined palette that has tasted an array of possibilities, and now knows what they like best (and what they don’t). Now, this may make most rational sense in the context of food, but taste cognition can be applied to everything you do in life. And, by-the-way, you don’t have to put everything in your mouth to literally taste it. Instead, you’re in a constant state of seeking the same satisfaction as an incredible bite of food. It is more of a similarity in satisfaction or even a “taste” that you sense in your mouth in relation to various frequencies. Breathing through the mouth can help people with taste cognition tune into their environment and inner-knowing – play around with breathwork and take deep breaths through and open mouth to see if that helps make things more clear for you. 

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