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Are You Ready to Discover the Secret of Attraction | Wendy Louise Gerhardt

"" a question that resonates in my head over and over again. A question that became famous from my weekly Saturday routine of watching 'Alice In Wonderland' when I was six years old. "Who...are...YOU?" repeated the Caterpillar to Alice. I admit at age six and much like Alice, I didn't actually know what the Caterpillar was asking besides what's on the surface of the question. At least Alice had a better idea of what the Caterpillar was asking.  She fumbled to answer the question, stating she was different from who she was just that morning...By the end I think she figured it out.  If only we could figure out....everything, happily in a span of a 90-minute movie (Or book which ever version you want to use). But that's the key. That's the knowledge! We are always changing, causing our external environment to change with us. This...this is huge to know. Huge for you to understand, your own energy, your own frequency all relates to the biggest Universal Law, the Law of Vibration.

What happens if I told you that the Law of Attraction is merely minor in the scale of Universal Laws. "WHAT? No! She did not just say that!" Yes, I did. Law of Attraction is like the Christmas star on the Christmas tree, the headliner at the concert, it's the coffee...inside your coffee cup.  Everyone sees the Christmas star, everyone came for the headline group, everyone fiends just for the coffee, but are we forgetting something? Something huge? You know that analogy of a duck swimming. On the top side, the side we see, the duck is so graceful swimming about, on the bottom side, the side we don't see, the duck is paddling like its life depended on it. Or the iceberg analogy, huge on the top side, but gigantic on the bottom side. The foundation! We often overlook the foundation, the crucial cornerstone to anything in life. The Christmas star needs a Christmas tree filled with ornaments and lights. The band needs a stage, a venue, an opening act. The coffee needs a coffee mug. That's Law of Vibration, it's the foundation. It's the gigantic piece of the iceberg underneath the water that you nor anyone else can see at a bird's eye view.

To break it down further, everything in this world is made up of matter, which is atoms and molecules bouncing off each other, if these particles are constantly bouncing off each other that means they're constantly moving. Further down this thought process it means everything is always vibrating. (See what they did there?)  If everything is constantly vibrating then everything, and I mean everything, the computer or phone you're reading this off of, your watch, the desk, the chair you're sitting in, the road you drive on, they all give off energy.  This is the first thing you must learn to understand the Law of Vibration. You can't see it, you have to believe it. Believe it like a little kid believes in Santa Clause. If you didn't grow up in a household with a Christmas tree, well, compare to when you believed that one Backstreet Boy was going to see you at their concert and marry you. (Oh, Kevin).  You don't have to see it, you just have to believe this is true, and also this is science, so hit up Bill Nye if you want to talk atoms and molecules bouncing off one another.

The second part of Law of Vibration to understand is energy gives off a frequency. You ever walk into a room after say, your parents finished up having an argument? The negative energy in that room is palpable! It's uncomfortable too. You quickly find a way to excuse yourself.  "...I'm going to go get some coffee! Coffee sounds good right now." Ever been to a concert and everything just felt off, the crowd wasn't into it as much or the band was phoning it in. Whatever may be the case, the energy of the room was off.  Let's say you go to that bands concert again, the next night, but the room was electrifying! Everyone was singing in unison, the band was amazing. It's a night you will never forget!  What changed? It was the same set the band played the night before, the same band, the same venue, it could have been the same fans from the night before but this time the energy, the frequency aligned.  

You may have read this before if you've read on Law of Vibration, but give it a try, it really works! Next time a friend is in a horrible mood and is complaining or venting to you. Change the subject. Picks something you admire of them. Be honest! Not false admiration or it won't work because the false energy will be felt.  "Hey Susie, I wanted to let you know that project you turned in last week, I loved it so much and it has really pushed me on my current assignment. I really admire your work." Observe how Susie's energy changes.  She may not come a full 180 degree turn out of her bad mood, but her energy will definitely have changed for the better.

There's a trick.  Can you catch yourself going into a negative energy? Can you bring yourself up by changing your frequency you are putting out.

If you don't have a frequency, thoughts and emotions, to match your Law of Attraction, then you are not aligned and the Universe will not respond favorably to you. You can try to manifest what you want, what you seek, all you want with Law of Attraction, but if your energy, your heart, soul and mind are not aligned then all will be done in vain.

Law of Vibration is at the core of manifestation. This Law as I like to say is "your coffee mug." You have to have a solid coffee mug, no cracks where liquid can seep through, can't be flimsy. How deep is the coffee mug? What kind of handle? Sparkle it with your personality on the outside. Then pour in some coffee, Law of Attraction, and take a sip, a gulp, or a chug. You can keep drinking your coffee and refilling your coffee as long as your foundation, your coffee mug, is intact, giving off energy that is aligned with you. Without the mug, you just have coffee that you can't drink because you have nothing to put the coffee in. That's a waste of coffee.

If your Law of Attraction is not working, check in with the Law of Vibration.  Is my emotions and feelings, my energy, is it aligned? You might find yourself out of whack and that's because we wake up a different person than we did yesterday. We are not a finished product, and we never will be.  This is why it's so important to check in with your vibrations and re-calibrate. Then set your Law of Attraction back in motion. The universe will feel your energy, your love and respond to what you have put out into the world.

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