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Channeled Message for Gene Key 53

Channeled Message for Gene Key 53

Balance is not what you think it is. 

It’s not a physical state or an ability to juggle multiple energies at once. There is no juggling of anything. 

Balance is an art form that is only truly existent in the present moment. Balance is an awareness, a perspective. It’s not an act of becoming. It’s an act of being. 

It is through this softening in your expectations, your beliefs, your views - through this letting go of attachments, and force, that balance naturally and effortless becomes your inclined state of being. 

In truth, you are never out of balance. It is only your perception and lack of awareness that makes it so. It is in the holding on and forcing that pushes you out of your natural state of being. 

Balance is natural. Balance is inevitable. 

Exhaustion is simply an act of force…trying to control or make things happen…vs being rooted into a natural state of flow. As you soften your views, and pay attention to your exhaustive patterns and views, you’ll begin to settle into an awareness that naturally projects an inescapable connection to the superabundance all around you, and within you.

In conduction with the Full Moon in Capricorn, Now is the perfect time to set the intention to let go of all the exhaustive habits, thoughts, beliefs that are creating an immature perspective. 

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