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Creating Your Dream Business by Human Design

How to Build Your Business by Human Design

When designing and building a business, it’s important to understand the best way someone operates and works to build a business that fits them. If for example, someone designs a business that’s purely creative and revolutionary, they might find themselves struggling versus a business idea that innovates and recreates that better suits their being.

This is where Human Design can help people understand what path their spiritual and person are focused on. Much like personality tests like Myers-Briggs and spiritual graphs like astrological signs, Human Design can help someone define who they are. However, it takes these concepts several steps forward to help someone build themself and cultivate the right people to work with.

What is Human Design?

The Human Design system was created by Alan Robert Krakower, now known as Ra Uru Hu, in 1987. It’s a combination of many historical philosophical ideas: the Chinese I Ching, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and the Hindi Chakras. This combination brought about a new idea of how all these systems operate together in harmony and develop a person from birth.

Human Design is a system that helps people align their spiritual being with their personalities to better develop themselves and interact with others. Instead of defining someone’s flaws like other personality and spiritual tests, it helps highlight their strengths and develop strategies to redefine your weaknesses.

Within Human Design there are 64 Gates where energy comes from, 35 Channels that move this energy, and 9 Chakras where energy collects and is used from.

All this is combined into 5 select Types which help to define what type of person people are. These types make it easy to conceive who a person is, their strengths and weaknesses, and who they work best with.

How Does Human Design Apply to Business?

By knowing your human design strategy and authority you can be better prepared to create, build, and scale your business to support how you operate as a person. You can work towards your strengths and understand your weaknesses so you don’t meet a dead-end. Knowing your soul identity, decoding your purpose, and unveiling your gifts, all cohesively help you to make the right business choices, including: your role in the business, what programs to launch (or not), what services to offer (or not), who is your ideal customer, what roles should you hire for, what to invest in (or not), and much much more. Quite literally this information is a handbook for cultivating your dream life and business that is uniquely yours.

Here's the 5 Types:

1. Generators

Generators are people who work better by responding. They are deep learners as they prepare for coming challenges, are focused on developing and planning, and love to answer questions and help others that come to them. Generators are builders. Meaning, they have the skills to take ideas and turn them into tangible products. They are focused more on perfection in the process and are slow and steady in their process.

They build good businesses that react to problems and issues. They tend to rely on proven methods and provide excellent support and experience behind the issues. Generators can also tend to grow bored with certain ideas, which is a sign of them to expand into new business ventures and grow instead of scaling an old business.

2. Manifestors

Manifestors are powerful centers of creation, and are initiators. They can see the potential where others may not, and can gather the resources to bring their vision to life. They tend to quickly make ideas and not inform others of them immediately. They can be a little cold, very collected, and patient outside their creations.

The business strategy that Manifestors work well with is understanding their weakness of not informing others. When they have the start of an idea, it’s wise for these people to show this idea before creating it. This gives them more drive and energy to start and scale their projects.

3. Projectors

Projectors are very internal beings, within themselves and others. They easily see within the deepest parts of people and themselves, but this can lead to them creating bitter feelings and reactions to what they see.

Projectors tend to work better in businesses where creative methods work best. They can be very emotional and spontaneous, but require others who can help rationally channel their thoughts as they grow. They also require others to invite them to opportunities and have them respond and project their thoughts.

4. Manifesting Generators (MGs)

Manifesting Generators are a combination of Manifestors and Generators who are excellent planners and strategists. They have an abundance of energy and drive that they channel and focus by the reaction. Similar to manifestos they can initiate, but are more closely related to generators, whose strategy is to respond. MGs are also builders, but unlike generators who prefer marathons, MGs are the sprinters.

In the business world, Manifesting Generators work best by undergoing thorough planning. They are quick to generate ideas, because of the abundance of business ideas and concepts, they require time to process it all. Other types can help with quicker execution of these ideas but should be patient to wait for the Manifesting Generator to finish their hard labors.

5. Reflectors

Reflectors are extremely rare, said to be about 1% of the population. They have no defined attributes with them so they require others to make up the differences. However, they often are the ones who can see what others don’t.

In a business sense, reflectors can be thought of as the quirky genius entrepreneurs who no one truly understands. They require a team collected from the other types to develop their ideas, convey them properly, and build something truly amazing.

Building a Town

To be clear, anyone of any of the Human Design types can be and become anything they desire. This is not a rule book, and more of a guide as to what comes easiest to you. In explaining each types innate expertise let me share an example.

A Manifestor would be like a developer. They find a piece of land and imagine a beautiful community being built on it. They have the vision, but don’t excel at planning it.

So they “initate the project by “inviting” a projector who is an architect and another projector who is an engineer to help him/her figure out how to build this community.

The architect and engineer draw up the plans. But the two projectors are more of planners than actual craftsmen. They are not super skilled at building the buildings or creating the roads.

So they tell two local builders (one is a generator and the other is a manifesting generator) about the project. Both builders take a day to think about the project and “responds” to notion of building this community. Both agree they think this is a project they would like to take on.

The generator spends his time pouring each foundation perfectly before moving on to the next foundation. Whereas the MG pours the foundation, then builds the frame, ect…as efficiently and with as good of quality as his speed will allow for.

Once the community is built, they hire an interior decorator…a reflector. The reflector pulls the vision together from the developer to the architect to the builders to the future home owners and tries to reflect the essence of what everyone collectively built.

Business by Human Design

Human design is like the easy button for your business. Once someone takes a Human Design test or references an expert on Human Design, they can start to understand how their being moves through this world. By harnessing their strengths into their business strategy, they can develop a business better suited for how they work within this world. They will better understand “how” to create their offers, how to make decisions, and finally uncover this elusive path (i.e. purpose) that so many entrepreneurs seek.

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