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How to Use My Human Design “Strategy” and “Authority” to Build My Business

I used to think being extremely sensitive was a weakness.

It took me long years to realize that it was, in fact, a gift. When activated in the right way, sensitivity helps me emotionally connect and become more empathetic, which is crucial for any entrepreneur who wants to engage with their audience.

Now, take my sister, for example. For a long time, she felt lost and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. All she knew was, she was fond of acting and loved art. While she was pretty decent at both, she never felt a strong pull towards either one.

Then, she decided to create her Human Design chart (more on this later), and finally discovered why she loved both modalities but why they weren’t perfect for her. In Human Design, she’s a Projector, meaning she isn’t fond of “building” or “creating”–she just loves the vision behind those things.

That’s when she decided to unite her passion with her energy, and pursue a career path as an artistic director.

(Scroll down if you’d like to find out your Human Design right away.)

The funny thing is, we were both oblivious to our greatest strengths until a while ago, when we first discovered our respective Human Designs, and how to use both our strategy and authority in our favor.

Knowing your Human Design-based strategy and authority will help you to pinpoint your unique gifts, choose the right career path, as well as make sure every single one of your decisions align with all of your business goals.

But first, I need you to understand something.

Mental reasoning won’t help you make the right decisions in business or in life. It never did.

We’ve all made decisions we regret to this day. We wish we could turn back the clock, but we can’t. If we’d only thought it through…

Unfortunately, taking things we’ve learned and applying our own reasoning to it does little to nothing in terms of benefits.

Growing up, we were conditioned to think like the people around us–our parents, our teachers, our friends…

We were told that that was the “right way” to perform in society, when in reality, all we were doing (and still do) was molding ourselves into something we’re not. Only the people who truly know their energy type and vibrate in accordance to it are capable of truly thinking for themselves.

That’s the answer to why some entrepreneurs thrive relatively fast, while others take longer to see their business take a leap.

Looks like these fellows know something you didn’t. But now you do.

Truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building a business. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that living in unison with your authentic nature and knowing which steps you should take is what’s going to set your business off on the right foot.

Human Design, or The Future Generation of Self-Knowledge

I’m talking about Human Design. And if you’ve never heard about it, welcome to a select group of people who will find out how to use it as a guide for their life, both personal and professional.

Essentially, the Human Design system uses your birth time, date, and location to dictate the “faction” you belong to in humanity. It’s a logical system to follow if you wish to make the right decisions at the right time, every time, based on the way your energy flows. Get your free chart here.

It’s a detailed, yet comprehensive journey toward self-discovery in which you’ll be straying from regretful choices and advancing toward success, thanks to the deep self-knowledge you’ll acquire.

This principle is especially suitable for those of you whose path lacks clarity, and whose efforts seem to be in vain. The vast majority of us aren’t acting in accordance to who we truly are. But this ends now.

You’re not doing anything “wrong”. You’re not incapable of achieving goals. What you’re doing is, you’re enduring battles that aren’t yours to fight. You’re making the wrong choices because you’re out of alignment with your energy, and you’re not applying the corresponding strategies to change that.

How to find out your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority to build a business (and life) you’re proud of.

In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your unique gifts you didn’t know you had in you. These gifts could, in fact, be your greatest weakness.

Think of it as a Myers-Briggs personality test, but deeper. A lot deeper. This goes beyond just defining your personality–it gives you actionable tips on how to perform accordingly for utmost success.

The Five Energy Types

The Manifestor (8% of the Population)

Take action through desire. They’re intense, ablaze. While they do take action, they don’t necessarily finish what they’ve started. They’re whimsical and proud of it. Their powerful energy (when used correctly) pulls the right people in their direction, shunning those won’t add to their purpose and mission. That’s how magnetic they are.

They’ll know their energy is being used incorrectly when experiencing annoyance and anger, which they’re prone to whenever they have to please people and seek their validation. Manifestors are leaders, not followers.

The Generator (37% of the Population)

Generators are devoted to that inward feeling that tells them to do or not to do something. Some would call it a gut feeling, others would call it a divine message.

They’re those people who are always saying “yes” to everything, although they know this could exhaust them down the road. They feel their best when doing what they love–it makes their passion for living even more buoyant. To them, life doesn’t make sense unless they’re doing what they love.

They’ll know their energy is being used incorrectly when experiencing frustration due to being forced to do what they don’t feel is right. In doing so, they would be ignoring their gut feeling, thus ignoring the path of a better outcome.

The Manifesting Generator (33% of the Population)

The energy of the Manifesting Generator is a blend of the two above. While this energy is a hybrid, some of them might show a more manifesting side, while others will reveal a generating side.

Either way, their energy is explosive (in a good way). Although they’re intense and fiery, they still trust their inner divine feeling for guidance. They’re the “rebels”, the people who don’t play by the rules and encourage others to live life as they please.

To them, life doesn’t make sense if they have to follow some boss around all day. They hate asking for permission, and they get livid whenever someone tells them what to do, especially if these orders don’t align with their passion.

Their energy is incorrectly used when feelings of being stuck, angry, and tired arise.

The Projector (21% of the Population)

Projectors carry an energy of guidance. When they recognize the value they can offer the world, they can become incredibly magnetic. That’s because they’re communicators, and their unique knowledge can be of great use to those around them.

However, Projectors tend to self-victimize and become tired when trying to offer their knowledge without being asked. Watch out for these feelings, as they’re a clear sign that the energy isn’t being used correctly. This happens because they don’t need to prove their worth to anybody, but allow people to see that and gravitate towards them, instead.

The Reflector (1% of the Population)

The energy of Reflectors, as the name suggests, reflects the energy of the people around them, as well as the energy society finds itself at. It’s the rarest energy type in the world. Their mirroring energy, although very strong, can often result in frustration and a feeling of inadequacy.

Reflectors usually have a hard time finding their place in the world and knowing who they truly are. They try hard to fit into patterns that aren’t theirs to accept, which results in disappointment and hopelessness in life.

Does your energy fit into any of the above?

Friendly reminder that, just because some of the energy types exist in a lesser percentage, that doesn’t mean that one type is better or worse than another. This isn’t a competition by any means.

Your Authority

What you inherently believe isn’t necessarily what’s best for your business, or for your life. And this is so important for you to understand as soon as possible. Trust your authority, instead, and your chances of using your best reasoning are certain.

Authority is the feeling you get when deciding whether you should follow a decision you made, or if that decision aligns with your energy. Unlike mental reasoning, following your authority will mostly result in favorable outcomes.

But how can you know if you’re doing the right thing? Simple: by following the strategy related to your energy type.

Your Unique Authority + Strategy

Your strategy is about how you approach the dilemmas and decisions that come your way.

By the way, here’s a business strategist’s greatest mistake: ready-made formulas. Not everyone should use the same solution to the same problem, regardless of what a world-renowned leader has done. There’s no guarantee of a favorable outcome.

What can ensure a better outcome is following a strategy that’s unique to your energy.

The Manifestor should inform others before taking action. This makes it easier for others to accept and understand their intense energy. Since they’re so whimsical, some people might not take it well, which frustrates them.

The Generator should respond to their gut feeling when it arises, as not doing so will result in frustration.

The Manifesting Generator (sacral authority), as a hybrid, should first respond to their gut feeling and then inform others before taking action. You should ask “yes” and “no” questions to get a resounding “ah-hunh” for yes, “un-un” for no, and “hmmm” for “I don’t know”. This is your body’s way of telling you whether something is correct for you or not, yet the mind is quick to overrule or question it.

The Generator & Manifesting Generator (Emotional Authority)  should respond by waiting it out the highs and lows around a decision until they reach a place of neutrality.  Basically if you feel super excited  about something, that’s  not truth.  If you feel terrible or freaked  out about something that  is also not truth.  So sleep on it,  until you’ve ridden out the  waves  of highs. And lows. And. Can’t. Truthfully. Acknowledge how you “feel” about. the. Decision at hand. Any BIG decisions you really need to follow your strategy of. Waiting it out.

If you’re an emotional authority,  obviously you can’t sleep on every decision. When it comes to what to eat for dinner, for example, you need to be able to make decisions quickly. In these instances listen to your gut similar to a sacral authority.

The Projector should wait for an invitation to offer their knowledge, as a way of avoiding trying to prove their worth to others.However — just because you are invited doesn’t mean that you have to be grateful and say yes. It’s essential that it’s the right invitation, that the invitation feels delicious — because if it’s not, the invitation won’t work for you.

Finally, Reflectors have the strategy of waiting 28 days before taking action regarding a decision and have Lunar (sometimes called Moon) Authority. Like Mental Projectors, you need to talk your decision out before committing to a course of action. Talking it out DOES NOT MEAN you’re asking for unsolicited advice or unloading your problems so that others will solve them. In your case, you’re leveraging the inspirational folks around you to use as a sounding board so that you can hear yourself and get your thoughts in order as you determine which course of action to follow. The reason you wait 28 days is because your energy is affected by the changes  in the moon. So with every change, you might feel differently about the decision at hand.

The Human Design chart isn’t a rule book

There’s still room for a little disclaimer.

The Human Design is simply a way of operating within the path of least resistance. Think of it this way: just because your car shouldn’t be driven over 100mph, it doesn’t mean you can’t drive it up to 130mph. It’s just telling you that, if you want the car to perform optimally, last the longest, and have less maintenance issues, you shouldn’t drive over 100mph.

Regardless of your Human Design, you can do, be, and become whatever you want.

It’s about saying a resounding “no” to what doesn’t fit. And saying “yes” to what does.

That’s the difference between an entrepreneur who often struggles to make things work in their favor to an entrepreneur who appears to be sailing smoothly through their path. The difference is in knowing, with unwavering certainty, which way to go. You might also enjoying my article on “Building Your Dream Business by Human Design.

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