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Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery and Entrepreneurial Growth

Why use journal prompts for self discovery?

Each of us has been told at some point that we should start journaling. Usually, we’re told by someone who swears by the practice—it feeds their creativity, helps them process complicated emotions or situations, or simply makes them happier.

Yet for some reason a lot of us resist. Or we start a journal and abandon it in short order. What are we missing? What do others see that we don’t?

The thing that is most likely missing is intention. Journaling is a process through which we learn about ourselves. It gives us a way to examine our experiences and benefit from the thoughts and feelings they reveal to achieve a goal.

The Real Reasons to Journal

A journal is not a confessional. It’s not a place to air grievances or tally your shortcomings. Your journal is about creating a space to learn who you are, what makes you happy, what makes you productive or creative. If we think of a journal as a place to explore, it becomes a tool guiding us toward fulfilling our intention.

As journaling becomes a habit, you will learn things about yourself. You’ll see patterns in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You’ll relax into the practice, and identify roadblocks to success or happiness in your life.

You’ll also realize that intentions change, sometimes day to day. You may start your journey looking for entrepreneurial growth and realize that you’re seeking self-discovery. Journaling is a powerful, versatile tool for self-examination.

Getting Ready

There are two things we believe are important for successful journaling. The first is a journal. We find that even though some people truly prefer a digital experience, there is real power in taking pen to paper. Do some experimenting; find the right medium for you.

The second is a positive state of mind. Do some deep breathing, exercise, whatever you need to approach journaling from a positive place. This keeps your journal from ending up as a list of fears or complaints and opens it up as a place for discovery.


A great way to start journaling is to use prompts. No, it isn’t cheating—it’s focusing.  There are a lot of different types of journaling prompts. Prompts for self-discovery, the manifestation of goals, there are even prompts for entrepreneurial growth.

Here are a few to get started:

What are 5 things I am grateful for in my life (or my business)?

How do I feel at this moment?

What makes me feel like I had a productive day?

What is one thing I am proud to have done?

What is one interaction I had today and how do I feel about it?

What did I avoid today?

There are thousands of other prompts at your fingertips on the internet.

Just Write

You may start by answering just one prompt a day. But the words will come. Start slow and build the habit through perseverance and intention. Know if you seek spiritual growth, self-discovery, entrepreneurial insight, or realization of goals. And begin your journey.

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