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Simple Tips for Hacking Your Subconscious Mind

Every day someone wakes up and has some great goal they want to achieve. Their dream, aspiration, their true calling. They might have the time, ability, and tools to achieve this dream of theirs.

Yet, they don’t achieve their dream, not even a single step towards it. Why? Because they are trapped by their subconscious mind. 95% of our thoughts throughout the day are subconscious, like a pre-programmed path that traps us in a negative spiral of thoughts that holds us back. The remaining 5% tries to push us towards something greater but often loses against the subconscious mind.

If you’d like to conquer your subconscious mind and start focusing on your conscious thoughts to achieve your goals, here are 3 tips to help you hack your subconscious mind that you can do every day.


Buddhism has a term called “the Monkey Mind” which is the subconscious chatter in the mind that does whatever it’s been trained to do. We all have certain routines that are great, but also toxic mindsets and emotional anchors that drag us down.

Meditation works to calm the monkey mind, to retrain it to better focus and align with the conscious mind. It unifies the conscious and subconscious into one mind to help you focus on what you want to do.

The act of meditation isn’t complex, but there are many different ways to practice it. You can simply sit, focus on your breathing, and embrace your thoughts to better work them out. It’s best to do this every day, even for a few minutes. You’ll find yourself going down deep holes of negative thoughts which is your subconscious mind, but by focusing back on your breath, you return to your conscious mind. After a while, you start to tame the monkey in your mind and feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything you want to face.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement isn’t just thinking positively, but reversing negative thoughts to better control your subconscious thinking patterns. You reverse this by revising your thoughts and plan for the next time this situation might happen.

This is how thought reversal works: If you get angry or upset at someone or yourself, write down what caused that rise in emotion, your feelings, and what you did in retaliation. Consider this or meditate over it. Now, do the important part: Act as a positive devil’s advocate and consider the best positive mindset for that situation, and plan to do that action the next time that happens.

A simple example of this: Your dog chewed your running shoes, you got angry and yelled at them. The reversal: Perhaps the dog was bored, didn’t have something to play with, or you left them out accidentally. So instead of yelling, give more attention to your dog, put away your things, and try to understand it’s natural for pets to do stuff like that.

Gratitude Journaling

We often get sucked into the subconscious mind’s negative thinking patterns and lose scope of what we should be grateful for. We might have food in the fridge, a warm house, and a loving spouse, but still think our lives are in ruin because a small client decided to drop us.

This type of journaling can be done anytime, but it’s best to do so in the morning before you start your day so you can start up a positive mindset. By journaling what you’re thankful for, whether that be your entire life or just a small action a stranger did for you yesterday, it can help you reaffirm more positive thinking to help you challenge the subconscious mind’s negative anchor.

Uncover Your Human Design

Understanding what centers in your human design chart are defined vs undefined coupled with other key aspects in your profile can help guide your focus on where you might have conditioning. In other words,  what beliefs or habits need a bit of subconscious “hacking”.

Clarity is power. As opposed to throwing a dart at a wall and simply hoping it will fix your problem, why not hone in on what is more specific to you!

You can access your chart for FREE using jovian archives or  If you want a more in depth reading I do those too! Send me a message :).

Consciously Focused

The act of hacking your subconscious mind can be a hard journey, but these three tips that you can do every day are powerful tools to wrangle those subconscious thoughts back into control. Once you have that control, you are free to do anything you wish to accomplish.

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