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The Real Reason Your Audience Isn't Growing

This is something that has to be said. 

You might not like it, and you might be hesitant to believe it, but it’s true.

A lot of people come to me confused about why their audience isn’t growing. 

They’ve done everything they were told to do.

“I’m visualizing my success, but it hasn’t increased my sales.”

“I’m posting a lot on Instagram, but it hasn’t increased my list.”

“I’m making YouTube videos, but I’m not having an impact.”

‘I’ve set up a Facebook group, but my audience isn’t growing.”

You might have noticed the pattern.

They think the problem with their business is that they just need more followers or subscribers. 

And then it will magically take off.

“If I could just get MORE eyeballs” or "If I just get MORE followers, all my struggles would be over.”

But this is a lie that people tell themselves.

Ask yourself one simple question.

If you can't sell to 10 people, then how can you sell to 1000? And, if you can't sell to 1000, then how on earth do you think you’ll be able to sell to 100,000?

All the how-to guides, great courses, and inspiring books might give you the keys to success, but you won’t be able to turn them to start the ignition if you’re afraid of this one thing…

Your followers.

That’s right. 

They become so afraid of what their followers think of them that they fail at the first hurdle.

They can’t handle the criticism that comes with having an internet presence, and so they shy away from being their best, most engaging self. They let the criticism eat away at them until they become paralyzed by fear and unable to give out positive energy.

Instead of showing gratitude for the followers they do have by helping the people in front of them, they waste their life away, dreaming about increasing their list.

When they talk about growth, they are only looking outward when instead, they should be looking inward.

Everything is focused externally—followers, sales, subscriptions… but never on them.

The people we attract and how we perceive them is nothing more than a reflection of how we see ourselves.

It takes courage and bravery to look inside and say, “You know, it’s me. I’m the problem”.

When you aren’t converting an audience of 100 people — if you do the challenging work of reflecting and digging deep — it’s usually because you don’t feel worthy, or good enough, or as if you have enough to say or offer.

It’s the same as saying, “I’m not ready.”

These self-limiting beliefs are a mindset block that will keep you from realizing your potential.

Your beliefs carry their own energetic signature. You might not be conscious of it, but your beliefs guide how you perceive the world and those around you. They influence your actions and the energy that you put into the world. Energy is everything! 

Think of the people who you follow on Instagram and Facebook groups? Do they put out  negative energy that is afraid of criticism and being themselves? 

Of course not. 

We follow people because they are unafraid. They are positive, unapologetic, and authentic about who they are. They offer a space that is attractive for us to occupy. And welcoming.

When your self-image is negative and full of doubts about being good enough or interesting enough, you subconsciously block the energy that will attract new followers — and don’t give value to your current followers.

Now ask yourself another question.

Do you really need a bigger audience?

What exactly would be different if you had more eyeballs on you? Would you be another person?

To change the world, we need to start with ourselves first.

Negative energy and limiting beliefs are at the core of what is keeping you from your success and the results that you crave.

Fear and uncertainty will always be there. We can’t eliminate them forever. 

What we can do, through careful work and reflection, is acknowledge fear and uncertainty for what they are and develop powerful tools and skills that push us beyond them.

Until we confront our own limiting beliefs and break the patterns of negative thought (AND SHIFT THEM INTO EMPOWERING THOUGHT PATTERNS, then we won’t be in the position to help and inspire others to do the same.

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