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Understanding the Human Design Centers

Intro to Human Design

 After a mystical "encounter," Ra Uru Hu (born Alan Krakower) created human design after receiving the ideas and instructions from "a voice." Two years later, Ra Uru Hu wrote the book Rave I'Ching, which is the foundation of the system. Human Design pulls  and combines key insights from different belief systems, such as, Kabbalah, I’ching, the chakra system, quantum physics, genetics, and biochemistry.  This system allows the combination of science with the metaphysical.

 There are four basic concepts to know when navigating the Human Design system:

  • Strategy: each person's correct approach to life, according to their unique aura.
  • Inner Authority: also known as just Authority, is your body's intuition to know if you're using the right strategy.
  • Signature Theme: an experience when the person is able to function without resistance.
  • Not-Self Theme: a compulsive persona of who you think you should be instead of your authentic self, the decisions made from this state of mind disrupt your Signature Theme track.


The Human Design System groups people into 4 specific aura types:

Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors

 The Human Design has the benefit of guiding your decisions, communication, and interactions in life using your strategy and authority.

 With Human Design, you are not trying to fix your nature, but rather to learn the tools and information to adapt to and embrace who you truly are. 

Human Design Types

In the Human Design System, there are 4 types, each type is crucial to the success of the species as a whole. 

Generators: these types have a powerful ability to produce large volumes of work. 

Projectors: use their unique energy to guide and lead.

Manifestors: excel at initiating and creating new things. 

Reflectors: serve society by acting as a mirror to our current interactions.

This article will focus on the Generator type.


Type: Pure Generator

In essence, the signature theme is the satisfaction gained through a well-spent energy from work, which is used to provide a continual flow of life-force energy to the world.  You are this type if you have a defined sacral center, which generates pure power in your body.

You thrive by recharging your sacral center through the completion of activities you love. You’re more of a marathon runner, who focuses on perfecting each phase you complete. This is different from your subtype counterpart, the manifesting generator, who operates as a sprinter.

You have an action based strategy, which means you’re a magnet for ideas and you spend your energy bringing them to fruition. You’re meant to respond to all the projects that resonate with you and channel your energy into them. You’re a natural born action taker and the world is counting on you.

You need to respond to things outside of you (not inside yourself) when you choose to take action. If the idea comes from inside of you, you need to externalize it before taking action. Ideas on how to do this include: creating posts, questioning others, and studying your environmental patterns.

Here is a link to my class on how to take action and respond to your environment.

You experience frustration when you waste your energy trying to complete all projects with the goal of supporting an agenda. Instead you should operate from a place of joy, that completes an activity that brings you joy and think of the result as a bonus.

Since your signature theme focuses on gaining satisfaction, the energy of gratitude, you function best by taking feel-good actions that replenish your sacral center. Create a signature moment everyday!

From a physical standpoint, because your sacral center is so active you’ll need a lot of calories and activity to support it.

Type: Manifesting Generator

A hybrid of the Generator and Manifestor types, you function as a chameleon and can fulfill roles between the two. You still have a defined sacral center which is directly connected to your throat center. The plus side is you have the combined benefits of both a Generator and a Manifestor, but you should be mindful to avoid the pitfalls both types face.

You have the desire to initiate ideas but also the power to complete them. You’re naturally drawn to shortcuts that help you reach completion as soon as possible. You use your energy to redefine what’s possible and push the collective. You’re amazing at multi-tasking but should be mindful to slow down and inform those around you before proceeding with the next goal. The constant change replenishes your energy and provides satisfaction.

You also have a hybrid strategy, this is due to your 34-20 channel supplying you with more manifestation energy, which is centered around responding first. To practice incorporating “informing”, once you have the feeling that you’re ready to pursue something new, you would communicate this to the pertinent people. The purpose of this is to allow these people to either get onboard with helping or remove themselves from your environment to avoid dampening your plans.

Defined vs undefined centers

A defined center is one that is in alignment with its purpose, in comparison an undefined center is one that’s out of alignment and doesn’t operate to its full potential.

Defined Head Center: Associated with the Crown Chakra and also called an Ajna, this center is a mental powerhouse and the source of ideas. People with a defined head center tend to ask a lot of questions. You’re known as the person who always comes up with your own inspiration, original ideas, and original questions. If this center is aligned then you also have a defined Ajna, which is used to come to a conclusion about all the ideas you create. This means that you’re not easily persuaded by others’ point of view and it takes a lot for an external source to inspire you. Once you mentally process something for yourself, you can provide motivation for everyone.

Defined Ajna: an easily conditioned aspect of your brain that forms your beliefs, that’s why it's important to create beliefs that support your success. 

Undefined Head Center: obsessively going over questions in your head. You may feel compelled to force others to answer their own questions instead of offering a solution. An undefined head center is your norm, so you’ve grown used to the constant pressure from trying to mentally uncover the answers to all of your questions. You may find yourself dominating team activities by constantly thinking out loud and overwhelming others with your mental process. Alternatively, you could hide your best ideas instead of sharing because you’re scared others will steal them. 

Undefined Ajna: this can look like holding onto multiple, conflicting perspectives at the same time instead of working towards a single, certain conclusion. Since you’re constantly searching for certainty, you also take others' beliefs for granted instead of finding your own. 

Defined Throat Center: associated with the throat chakra, this is the manifestation center, which is the portal between your inner world and the shared, external world. Manifestation is the process of taking an idea that is intangible and turning it into a reality. By defining this center, you have a consistent way of communicating, speaking, and creating. You should express yourself through the gates you've defined. There is a distinct voice for each gate, which is how your voice manifests in the outer world. As a result, you probably want to use your own voice for affirmations. In your everyday life, you hold space for conversation and always take time to observe others. You watch the tempo, the language, the flow, all the energy that pours through when others speak.You are becoming wise about communication and don’t need to fill the space with words. Through you, information can be channeled and communicated.

Undefined Throat Center: you have a fear of not being heard and you compensate by talking forcefully. This can look like talking over others, interrupting the conversation, trying to control the conversation. Due to your fear of being ignored, you can strive for the flashiness of superficial success to fulfill your need to be seen by others. On the other hand, you can take a “why bother” mindset and operate from a place of silence in your daily communications.You can also hold back during your daily communications, which can produce sore throats, coughs, or laryngitis. This is stuck energy, because the necessary expression hasn't been made. In alignment the voice should come from a place of service, when you speak from a place of certainty vs fear of not being heard your voice is immensely powerful. With the right words, you can transform inspiration into action. It is rare to have an undefined throat center so this condition is usually the result of a lot of external conditioning. This condition doesn’t mean you’re incapable of manifesting but it does mean that your process is inconsistent. 

Defined Identity (G) Center: related to the heart chakra, you have a consistent, well-defined sense of self, where you are going, and operate with the understanding that you are lovable. You’re unafraid to boldly express yourself authentically, with the understanding that your tribe will show up for you as you progress through life. Please note that the G center acts as one of the most easily influenced centers in a person’s chart.  

This center acts as a magnet, which means it pulls everything that aligns with you towards you. This can be people, tools, resources, pretty much anything you can manifest. You are intentional about your environment, and fearlessly go after what’s right for you in the present moment. While you can be willing to play the different roles for others clients, you’re quick to set boundaries around this. You freely make this choice, not out of fear but because as an act of service. 

Undefined Identity (G) Center: You constantly fight against the feeling that you’re not enough as you are and the urge to become a social chameleon. You feel ashamed of who you are or where you want to go or do in life, this can create the drive that leads to perfectionism.You try to hide your true self, or show up as an inauthentic, cardboard version of yourself. This is from the desire to be more like someone else. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others, and can come across as judgemental. You’re always trying to produce an answer to the question: “Who Am I?”. This co-dependence and clinginess stems from the idea that you’re not deserving of love.


Defined Ego Center: Deals with desire, willpower, competition, and force.You are playfully competitive with yourself, and recognize that your desires have a purpose and are in service of others. You know what you want, and are more than happy to pursue your desire. By allowing your desires to flow through you, you actively recognize that you’re worthy. Your promises are intentional, and you know you don't need to force anything to succeed. You always keep your word while maintaining strong, healthy boundaries because you consistently acknowledge your worth.

Undefined Ego Center: you may be very competitive because you want to prove that you are powerful. This forceful energy can show up as a “I take what I want” mentality, compare this against someone who is happy to receive what’s aligned with their energy. An undefined ego center produces selfish energy that’s inconsiderate to those around them. The flip side could be giving abundantly to others because you’re desperate to feel worthy. It is possible for you to feel ashamed of the things you want, thus putting your own wants and desires aside.

Defined Emotional Center: this center focuses on processing emotional energy to find the “why” behind your actions and mindset. You’re able to observe emotions without hoarding them. This area is constantly learning and coming to conclusions concerning your emotional awareness by removing toxins. From a pathophysiological standpoint, this center is connected to the kidneys, bladder, and pancreas. These organs also work to fight against swelling, water weight, and other health issues. While physical activities help, you can also use emotional activities to support your health, such as journaling, meditation, or breath work. This allows you to observe the emotions of others without taking responsibility for them, so you can help people process in a healthy manner.

Undefined Emotional Center: you pick up and amplify emotions of others, commonly known as being an empath. A large, crowded environment can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You often find yourself absorbing the moods of everyone around you. You could be known as an overly emotional person who projects onto others. On the other hand, you could detach from your emotions entirely.

Defined Sacral Center: This is the center for life force, creativity, and pleasure. You follow your joy and pleasure, not thinking ahead too far and responding to the signs for guidance. This is where you raise kids, go to work, and do the work. Saving your energy allows you to fully focus on the things you truly love and enjoy.

Undefined Sacral Center: burnt out, low sex drive, reproductive issues, working a job you don’ love or enjoy, working too hard simply because you can, frustrated at life because your not doing what you love.

Defined Splenic Center: This is the oldest awareness center and is directly linked to your subconscious, it works by absorbing information from your physical surroundings.It is powerful and highly intuitive, this is how you know what fits into your alignment.This is not a conscious awareness, but a deep inner knowing. Fear is also part of intuition, it is a defense mechanism developed to keep you safe. The foundation of your highest good is keeping you alive and intact.  

Undefined Splenic Center: you have an innate ability to see what is healthy for others but you’re inconsistent in the way you apply that understanding to yourself. This gives you the unique ability to become a healer, work in holistic health, or practice medicine. You can experiment with what’s healthy for your body and learn to listen to your intuition. You should also monitor external factors that produce fear and do you best to remove them from your life.


Defined Root Center:  associated with adrenaline and physical pressure to evolve and accomplish things on a linear timeline. This is also tied to the motivation to better or improve yourself. This energy that comes with trying to meet deadlines and ascend quickly. While you don’t experience shame around your drive to succeed, you still allow yourself to rest and recover from your projects.

Undefined Root Center: this pressure is directed inwards, which means you constantly feel that you have to achieve without making time to restore.On the rare occasion you do rest, you have to battle against the feeling that you’re lazy or an underachiever.

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