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Unlock your Gifts, Love, and Prosperity with Gene Keys

"What if you could unlock your gifts, love, and prosperity with Gene Keys? What if there was a way to find out what the best things are for you in life to do on purpose? What if it was possible to know who you should be dating or married to before making that decision? Would these tools help you have a more fulfilling life?" 

"In this blog post I will talk about how Gene Keys can be applied into relationships. I will also discuss keys for unlocking love and abundance.”

What are Gene Keys?

Gene keys are a synthesis of ancient wisdom outlining the genetic and spiritual gifts hidden away inside of our individual DNA that give us the keys to unlock our destiny. This ancient wisdom was first documented inside a book written over 3000 years ago during the Zhou dynasty (approximately 1047BC to 771 BC) in China is known as the I'ching. 

The I'ching is the world's oldest oracle; a book of wisdom accumulated over 2500 years and beyond, documented ancient Chinese oral traditions. The I' Ching you buy today is a culmination of 64 chapters-representing the 64 hexagrams. A hexagram is a six-lined pictogram with a web of internal correspondences that mathematically match the genetic code exactly. Some lines are solid, some lines are broken. Each line represents a variation in the energy with the bottom line representing the foundation and the top line representing the energy of all the lines below, plus the energy of seeing into the unknown. 

The Gene Keys are a natural culmination of all previous incarnations of the i Ching. . Richard Rudd the man who downloaded the Gene Keys through his own mystical experience spent years studying the I'Chang. Yet, according to Mr. Rudd he did not consult with the book of changes when writing the Gene Keys, which also consists of 64 different hexagrams.

Each Hexagram represents one of 64 different gift frequencies that, if accessed, raise the frequency of your being in both physical and light body creating love, joy, prosperity and above all purpose in a way that is not experienced by most. Like the I'Ching, Gene Keys also utilizes the hexagram. "It is these six lines, ‘the hexagramma mysticum’, which allow the fractal language of the genetic code to be read in archetypal form. I have already interpreted these six lines into the dynamics of mythology, psychology, sociology and a host of other systems. The elegant six are the fractal language underlying all system theory" (Richard Rudd, The Pearl Articles).

Like a treasure map, Human Design + Gene Keys, used together,  represent an unparalleled behind the scenes view of the purpose of your life, and how to unlock love and prosperity to ultimately become who you soul truly desires to be. 

The Key Principles of the Gene Keys System

The Gene Keys System is comprised of twenty principles, which are divided into four groups. These principles are: the map, the light, the sky, and the self. The map represents genetics and how genetics shape who we are. The color blue is a metaphor for genetics in this system. 

The light represents our life force or what we call chi in Chinese medicine. This force flows through us and gives us energy to live. 

The sky refers to all the influences that affect our lives such as emotional events and traumas. 

And finally, the self refers to everything that makes up who you really are like your desires and motivations.

The Gene Keys System teaches each person how to integrate these four influences so they can learn how to live a happy life.

 By living a happy life, people live happier and healthier lives. This system is predicated on how genetics has a direct bearing on our health and the health of others around us as well as being the key to happiness. 

By following this system, you can learn how genetics shape who we are. We all have a genetic map that tells us the predispositions we might have. 

Just like genetics shape us, genetics also shapes those around us. We can harness the Gene Keys to understand how genetics shape people around us and learn how to be a more effective person in our relationships with them. 

The Spectrum of Consciousness

There are 3 distinct frequencies that reside within each hexagram. Even more so, within each of these three frequencies there are an indiffinate amount of variations that you can experience these frequencies at.

At the lowest frequency, you'll experience the Shadow. This shadow frequency is described to emerge from the human brain, and how it is wired to function. For sense and purposes we can relate this to the subconscious mind-the body. Our brains are wired for survival and survival is directly linked to fear. The unconscious presence of fear and our primal wiring to protect our bodies are all costs further perpetuates our belief that we are separate from the world around us. In this low vibration, we are not "seeing" the gift. We are not in Thriving mode. We are in survival mode.

As we learn to transmute this energy out of the shadow, we move into the gift frequency. In this frequency we begin to open our hearts and unveil our human genius. As your awareness of the shadow frequency grows, and your consciousness continues to evolve it unlocks latent energy held within your DNA. Quite literally "light" illuminates from within your DNA.

In the third frequency, we reach the Siddhi frequency. This is full embodiment and spiritual realization. This is the ultimate truth. At this level the concept of frequencies no longer exists. You just are. The word 'siddhi' means 'Divine Gift.'

How Do I Work With The Gene Keys?

Simple. Using Contemplation.

Contemplation is unlike meditation, concentration or consideration. It is a much gentler, softer process. In essence, contemplation is allowing the information to unfold as it will. Gently considering the information. Sitting with it. Allowing your understanding to be whatever it is in the moment, knowing it will evolve and change with greater understanding at every turn.

Like a diamond with many facets, the diving into your gene keys can be compared to walking through labyrinth of wisdom in which every path can lead to a potential life-changing revelation. As you contemplate each facet of the diamond, so you will begin to grasp the holographic nature of wisdom itself, leading to deep clarity of mind and a gradual softening of your heart.


The Gene Keys System can help you unleash your full potential by helping you unlock the secrets of genetics. Unlocking these secrets will allow you to have more energy and vitality, create a deeper sense of well-being and fulfill all the desires that are in your heart. When you open your heart, you also unlock your ability to fully understand your chart in a new magical way.

Your Profile is your original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here. With astrological calculations and the Chinese I Ching as guideposts on this journey towards self-discovery, we can offer a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. Click the Contact form now if ready for an in depth Gene Key Reading or learn more about what's possible with our services at .  Ready to start? Go ahead and send me a message via the contact form in the menu bar!

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