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What is the Difference Between Feminine and Masculine Energy?

From birth, we’ve been conditioned to believe that “feminine” and “masculine” should be defined as a mere distinction of genders. 

This outdated notion crumbles when we begin to think about the concepts of femininity and masculinity from an energetic perspective. Our energy bodies involve both masculine and feminine energies, regardless of how someone identifies themselves gender-wise. 

Bear in mind that gender connotations don’t play a role when energy is concerned. Think about it from this standpoint: the predominance of one energy over another can explain some of your behaviors and thinking patterns. Whether those are good or bad, knowing your governing energy can guide you towards enhancing or reducing them. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about what the feminine and masculine energies are, how you can find out which one’s overpowering for you, and how to keep these energies healthy and bristling inside your body. 

Which Energy is Dominant in Your Body? Feminine or Masculine?

Although all of us have both energies present in our bodies, one of them will always predominate. Here’s what I mean by that:

Have you ever met a woman who’s assertive, confident, and purpose-driven? In this specific case, that means her masculine energy is dominant over her feminine energy. It also means that her masculine energy is healthy. That doesn’t, however, mean that women can’t be any of those things!

On the other hand, if a woman trusts her intuition to get what she wants, almost like she carries a “sixth sense” inside of her, it’s likely that her feminine energy predominates. And, of course, that her feminine energy is healthy. 

Yes, there is such a thing as unhealthy energy. If you’d like to know more about it right away, feel free to scroll down. 

For now, you need to know this: you won’t always be able to balance both energies on a 50/50 level. What you must do is try to keep both energies healthy inside of you, regardless if you feel one more intensely. 

Before you do that, let’s take a look at what feminine and masculine energies are all about. 

Feminine Energy: Intuition and Creativity

The feminine energy is like a magnet. People with an overpowering female energy tend to feel like thoughts, ideas, and even solutions just “come” to them. If you’ve heard about a woman’s sixth sense, you may be familiar with this concept. What no one told you is that men and people of other genders can have it in them, too! ;)

This energy is visceral. If you’ve ever heard nonsense such as “the feminine is inferior”, disregard it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Yes, vulnerability and openness are imperative parts of a healthy feminine. But so are unmatched strength and boundaries. A strong feminine energy is about being understanding, yet knowing better so as to not let yourself be exploited in any way. 

Your Feminine Energy is Healthy When…

You surrender to the universe, knowing that what's yours is on its way. You recognize how captivating your energy is, and if you’ve done your best, it’s all that matters. You don’t bottleneck the flow of the divine by doubting yourself. You’ve done your part, and you’re getting what you deserve.

You feel genuine happiness. You know you’re on the right path, and it shows through your playfulness, the love you give, and the way you smile and glow from the inside out. If you hear compliments along the lines of “you’re glowing” or “you look happier”, your feminine energy is in check. 

You’re authentic. You don’t try to be like anyone else. You try new things to make yourself happy, because what others think doesn’t really matter to you. 

You practice empathy.  Empathy can be a hard value to master, but you don’t give up on it. You put yourself in other’s shoes and don’t judge them based on one event. If you’re ever required to make a judgement, you try to understand the whole picture. 

Your Feminine Energy is Unhealthy When…

You search for others’ approval. For some reason, you find yourself looking for third-party validation. While it’s interesting to have decisions approved when they involve someone other than yourself, you may seek validation from someone whose opinion isn’t important. 

You overthink outcomes. Instead of doing your best and basking in the certainty that what’s yours will come, you do the opposite. You don’t listen to your intuition. You fall into a cycle of “what ifs” and let that get to you. This, in turn, may hinder the flow you should be surrendering to. 

You act needy. You may rely on a partner’s or someone else’s attention to feel worthy of love and respect. You no longer see yourself as the only person you should try to please. 

You’re afraid of loss. When wounded, the feminine’s naturally trusting tendency may fade and give way to doubt, fear, and again, a need for approval and excessive attention from other people. Even those who won’t make a difference in your life. 

How to Heal Your Feminine Energy

If you’ve noticed any of the above emotions are wreaking havoc in your life, it’s time to change that by healing your feminine energy. 

The following exercises fuel your inner feminine, and you can implement them into your daily routine at your own pace. Some of them will be easier to execute, while others might take a little work. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Paint, dance, listen to music, write. Don’t worry about norms at this point and try to have fun. These activities will make the feminine energy vibrate inside of you. 

Enjoy pleasure. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a yoga class or gotten a relaxing spa massage, now is the perfect time to do it. It’ll make you feel deserving. Alive. Relaxed. Grateful. Thank you, endorphins! If the previous options are cost-prohibitive, you can exercise at home or go for a quick jog. It works just as well. 

If you’re feeling yourself, flaunt it. Get ready to the sound of your favorite playlist. Smile wide. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your power. Remember: the feminine energy is magnetic. When you’re feeling good, it’ll show, and you’ll attract good things. 

Masculine Energy: Assertiveness and Strength

Some may confuse strength with bruteness when the masculine is concerned. But instead, strength is all about willpower. 

Having a strong masculine energy is about adapting to the unknown easily. People who carry healthy masculine energy can cut through the clutter using their intrinsic knowledge and clarity. Instead of relying on intuition, they can find solutions through careful planning and experience. 

There may be threats all around, but this energy acts like a shield to whoever possesses it. The masculine person doesn’t let weakness get to them, especially if they need to protect someone they love. They might show weakness between four walls, but will show strength for as long as they need to. They’ll sustain what they believe, even if that means losing important people in their lives. 

Your Masculine Energy is Healthy When…

You’re disciplined. You’re aware of everything you need to do to get where you want to be and are willing to sacrifice some things to get it. You don’t do things for attention, and your focus is narrowed. 

You’re honest. You’re aware that speaking your truth may hurt some people, but you’d rather do it now than lead things (and people) where they’re not supposed to go.

You’re protective. You protect who you love at all costs, both physically and emotionally. They know how to protect themselves, but you’re aware that sometimes they might need you. You stay there, poised for when they need your strength the most. 

You’re accountable. You know you’re not perfect, and you embrace that. Instead of being proud, you accept change and own up for your mistakes. You don't become distant or uncommunicative when contradicted, and can apologize when you’re wrong. 

Your Masculine Energy is Unhealthy When…

You show aggressiveness. It’s common for people to think a strong masculine energy is about wanting to fight everyone. That’s untrue. The slightest sign of aggressiveness should be perceived as a sign of energetic imbalance.

You become distant. Purposely being distant isn’t a sign of strength but a sign of immaturity, which doesn’t match a healthy masculine energy. Conversation and understanding are the way to go. 

You engage in unhealthy competition. You believe in getting things done through sheer determination. But at the same time, you don’t try to be better than anyone. If you become competitive to the point of aggression, your masculine energy may be out of balance. 

You avoid affection. Contrary to what many people think, being cold isn’t a positive trait. There’s a misunderstanding going around that “masculine” men weren’t made for love and should steer clear from affection. Again, a lack of affection requires attention. 

How to Balance Your Masculine Energy

As with the feminine, there are certain exercises that fuel one’s masculine energy. They’re particularly useful for when harmful habits start showing up in your life. However, making them a part of your routine is valuable if you seek long-term results.

Stand up for what you believe. Don’t hide your intentions. If you have a contrasting opinion, don’t be afraid to voice it and make your point. Note that speaking up is different from raising your voice. 

Work on your strength. Both your inner and outer strength. Do what makes you feel on top of the world. Work out, run, meditate. If there’s anything that makes you want to keep pushing, that’s what you should be doing. 

Take ownership of everything in your life. Mistakes, past actions, excuses, everything. Whatever you do, don’t victimize yourself. Say you’re sorry, and do better next time. Being humble isn’t a sign of weakness, and it never was. 

Empower others. A leader isn’t one who bosses around. Being a leader means teaching others to be the best version of themselves instead of competing with them. Be a role model, not a rival. 


The masculine and feminine energies reside inside of you. Both are powerful in their own ways, but in order for you to seize the best of both worlds, there has to be a balance between the two. 

Notice anything off about your mood? Your actions? Now you know that the culprit could be an imbalance of your masculine energy, your feminine energy, or both. Try to identify the unhealthy behaviors tied to them, and strengthen them based on what you’ve learned here. 

It’s worth remembering that energy is something too intense to be curbed by the boundaries of gender. The words “masculine” and “feminine” are simply ways to express its duality. 


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