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Soul Simple Blog

I share resources, tips, and helpful articles on embodiment and how you can empower yourself to achieve success.


5 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Your Business from Being Profitable | Wendy Louise

There are five limiting beliefs that could be holding your business back and you might not even know it. Find out how to find what your limiting beliefs are, root them out and retrain your brain to think with freedom. Keyword/phrase optimization is the

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The Real Reason Your Audience Isn't Growing

The reason your list isn't growing has nothing to do with the people who aren't on your list, and everything to do with the people who are.

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How to Use My Human Design “Strategy” and “Authority” to Build My Business

I used to think being extremely sensitive was a weakness. It took me long years to realize that it was, in fact, a gift.

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Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery and Entrepreneurial Growth

Why use journal prompts for self discovery? Each of us has been told at some point that we should start journaling.

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Use Meditation to Manifest Your Business Goals

Bill Gates. Paul McCartney. Jeff Weiner. Will Smith. This is just a minimal fraction of successful people who consider meditation as the staple of a successful life.

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