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Soul Simple Blog

I share resources, tips, and helpful articles on embodiment and how you can empower yourself to achieve success.

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9 Tips to Practice Self Love

Self-Love is a characteristic trait that is commonly found throughout people who lead "successful" lives. Keep in mind "Success" does not mean owning a twenty million dollar home, a few Lamborghinis, and a personal chef. Success is what you pursue for your happiness and freedom.

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5 Steps to Achieving a Healthy, Happy Life

During a rough time when most of us are caged inside, wondering if life we'll ever be close to what it once was, we can go into the downward spiral of depression. You don't have to go down that rabbit hole. It's not easy to stay away when all you have for entertainment is the latest Netflix show that you've already binged, Tiktok challenge, or your scary thoughts.

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Are You Ready to Discover the Secret of Attraction | Wendy Louise Gerhardt

While 99% of people are familiar with the Law of Attraction, what they don't realize is it is actually a minor law in the Universe. If you really want to manifest your desires, you need to understand the Law of Vibration.

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5 Steps to Creating Empowering Thoughts | Wendy Louise Gerhardt

The problem with negativity is that it can quickly spiral out of control. Learn how to take charge and change your thinking habits for good!

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5 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Your Business from Being Profitable | Wendy Louise

There are five limiting beliefs that could be holding your business back and you might not even know it. Find out how to find what your limiting beliefs are, root them out and retrain your brain to think with freedom. Keyword/phrase optimization is the

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To be Fearless is a Divine Right
We are born with the...
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To Fearlessly Embody Your Power is to Live in the Highest Frequency of Your Existence.

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