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I share resources, tips, and helpful articles on embodiment and how you can empower yourself to achieve success.

Human design

Activate Your Human Design Super Sense | Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Human Design Cognition-Perhaps you feel tingles when you enter a room that has funky energy, or maybe you smell when something is off…or taste a hit…you have a super sense that is really you’re super power and it is your key to unlocking one of your highest potentials. 

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Understanding the Four Arrows in Human Design

If you’re familiar with Human Design, you’ve probably noticed four arrows hovering by the sides of the “person” in the middle of the chart. You’ve also noticed that each arrow may point to the left or to the right. 

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Why Changing Your Environment is an Important Part of the Deconditioning Process

Curious what the the environment in your human design chart really means? Learning Your Human Design Environment is the Secret to Finding Your “Perfect Place” in Life.

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Understanding the Human Design Centers

Each of the 9 centers in Human Design represent a different strength, a different challenge, and a different energy.

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Creating Your Dream Business by Human Design

When designing and building a business, it’s important to understand the best way someone operates and works to build a business that fits them.

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Understanding Your Human Design Profile

Are you left or right brained? Are you a Scorpio or Gemini? INFP or ESTJ? Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Which Schitt’s Creek character are you? Are you the Mom friend or the Goblin friend?

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