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Soul Simple Blog

I share resources, tips, and helpful articles on embodiment and how you can empower yourself to achieve success.


5 Steps to Achieving a Healthy, Happy Life

During a rough time when most of us are caged inside, wondering if life we'll ever be close to what it once was, we can go into the downward spiral of depression. You don't have to go down that rabbit hole. It's not easy to stay away when all you have for entertainment is the latest Netflix show that you've already binged, Tiktok challenge, or your scary thoughts.

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Use Meditation to Manifest Your Business Goals

Bill Gates. Paul McCartney. Jeff Weiner. Will Smith. This is just a minimal fraction of successful people who consider meditation as the staple of a successful life.

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Empower Your Magic

To be Fearless is a Divine Right
We are born with the...
Power to Choose
Power to Create
Power to BECOME
To Fearlessly Embody Your Power is to Live in the Highest Frequency of Your Existence.

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1:1 Container for Healers, Mystics, Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives, ect - where together we Ignite Your Unique Path, Unlock & Amplify Your Divine Gifts, and Turn Your Power ALL THE WAY UP. Expect MASSIVE Expansion at Hyper Speed. So you can be a confident, fully booked out, irresistibly Magnetic Light Leader.

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