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Evolve Coaching

Walk in the Field of the Unknown Like the Warrior Priestess you are!
Learn how to Fearlessly Connect with Your Power, Your Divine Gifts, and work with the Energy without Resistance.

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Human Design Readings

A 1:1 container for Healers, Intuitives, Light Workers for Healing, Evolution, Support, and Growth. Fully step into your gifts as a clean vessel, with confidence, and Power. So you can create a massive impact, and shift the global consciousness as a highly sought after, highly paid, Light Leader.

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Soul rich

A community full of Goddesses & Light Leaders full of support, networking, monthly masterclasses, weekly group healing, and so much more.

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Soul Simple Breakthrough

Healing is No Quick Fix, but a Journey unlike any other. Using Shamanic Alchemy, Atlantean Crystal work, and Interdimensional Light Codes - You'll shift, release, unlock, and raise your frequency so you can move into alignment with the business, Life, Health, and Wealth You Desire to create.

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